Personal Narrative: My Life As A Soccer Coach

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I am studying very hard to accomplish my dream of coaching. I would love to coach the same high school I played in for four years. I played soccer at Nacogdoches high school. This time marks the best times of my life so far. I will never forget the experience of playing competitive soccer and represent my school . Now I wish to do the same but from the sideline. Feeling that amazing feeling I now miss so much. Now, when I watch the high school soccer games I just want to jump in there and touch the green smooth grass I once ran on. Now, I wish to give my time, hard work, and soul to the school I was once part of. I have some advantages that will help me reach my goal. I know soccer like the back of my hand, I have one person that inspires me to reach my goal, and I am in shape to demonstrate what I am coaching.
Playing soccer is one of the best things of my life and I know almost everything there is to know about soccer, that’s one of the big advantages I
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This person is my high school soccer coach. His name is Farshid Niroumand, not only a very successful person but also the best soccer coach I could have ever asked for. He has been the Nacogdoches soccer coach for the longest time inspiring me to be just like him. He didn’t just teach me organized soccer but to be a better person and to always do things the right way. I will take everything he taught me when the time for me to coach comes. He believed in me. I will always be thankful for that. Thanks to him I am who I am now, not just as a soccer player but a dependable person as well. Despite having a difficult life, he still managed to accomplish his dream. He inspires me deeply. I know I will not ever be like him, but with his inspiration, I will hope to accomplish my dream. No one has the knowledge he has given me and for that, I feel ahead of everyone. When I reach my goal I will always be thankful to him. For all the time he took to teach me, scream at me, and inspire me to be just like
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