Personal Narrative: My Life As A Veteran

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Being a Veteran means to sacrifice yourself for your country, miss firsts in your families lives, and go on a never ending deathly adventure, you live petrified throughout. A Veteran is someone who is content when they free the world from despair. Veterans suffer traumatic experiences during endless days so we can take for granted our spoiled lives. Contributing service to our country is how we remember veterans, but we must remember them also for their character.

I look to my father, the strongest man on earth, wearing his green uniform, walk through the door. The picture hanging on my wall doesn't resemble him, staring at it when I was younger I could never find his face in mine. Dad would tell me to protect my mother and sisters, I was the man in the house, although I always wondered who would protect him. My father was my best friend, my hero, doesn't the wisest man I knew, yet always in for a laugh, and was the sweetest to everyone. Sacrificing his safety for our well being while having joy in protecting us was all dad needed to feel blissful. He would always tell me he would come back, that him walking out that door was goodbye for then, until it was goodbye forever.

Harvey graduated first in class, best high
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I have learned the more quiet you are, the more you can hear. A young boy passed me everyday in the park on his way to school with his friend. Harvey, was his name. An admirable lad who was kind to everyone. Once when he was a junior, he sat next to me with a plastic box filled with warm steak. Last time I had eaten a hot meal was as a child, and I was sincerely thankful for everything he had done. It took six years until I saw him again, this time wearing a camouflage suit with his little boy and wife. He smiled at me, reminding me of that time when talked for hours. I wanted to thank him, but I never saw him again, now all I see is his little boy walking with his mother, all
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