Personal Narrative: My Life As A Volleyball Team

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The season started out like any other, one week of pain staking agony and push-ups. The constant workouts, sweat, and two hour practices were completely worth the outcome of my last volleyball season. The past four years of my high school career I spent being a member of the volleyball team. But to me, this is not just a team, this is my family. I knew I would become close with my team since I spent so much time with them, but then I realized even once volleyball was over, they would still be my family. This year as varsity setter, I knew I had to take on the responsibility of leadership. I did not realize however, that I would become the team mom at the same time. My responsibility was to make sure everyone on my team kept their heads up and stayed confident because I believed in them.
In the beginning of my last season I told myself that I needed to put forth one hundred percent effort every
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We won some games, and we lost games, but we did it together. In the beginning of the season, rumors of doubt spread about our team being too short, or not good enough. A Lewistown High School team had not won a Regional Championship since the year 2002, but against all doubts, I knew my team could win. Not only had I seen their mistakes, along with my own, throughout this season, but I also watched them grow as athletes and individuals. The first round of regionals approached and we were given the name of the team we would play for the first game. As we loaded the bus for departure nerves were floating throughout the air. But our traditional karaoke bus ride did not go unsung. The bus was filled with the voices of the girls I have grown up with and flashbacks of all the memories we had shared. I knew that this game had the full potential of being my last, but I would not have wanted to lose with anyone else. This game was not my last, my team won the first round and were in the
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