Personal Narrative: My Life As An Immigrant

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Coming from a low income family, living in a small town in India, I learned early on about struggling and surviving those struggles. I watched my parents working day and night to provide for electricity, pay for our monthly school fees so my sister and I can have a better education, and for the future they wished upon for their children. To further enhance this vision, my father decided for the family and I to immigrate to the US. Everything was different in the sense that I changed schools, learned a new language, had to make new friends, and learned the different culture. I had to adapt to a whole new world, which was a little difficult at 6 years old However, when I look back now, I just couldn’t believe how far my family and I had come which I have my father to thank for. If it wasn’t for my father, I’ll still be going to school in India without ever knowing that this other half of the world even existed, because of the rough circumstances we were facing in India. The future wouldn’t have been as bright as it now and I feel truly blessed to have come to a new world which contained many great opportunities. The struggle of being an immigrant is one thing, but the challenges of being a teenager is another thing. I spent freshmen year trying to fit in,…show more content…
Salsada is one of those few people in my life who shaped me into the person I am today. He told me not to let underachieving get the best of me. He made me realize that school is not all about homework and the letter grades. It’s about the love of learning and the power of knowledge. Mr. Salsada reminds me of a great quote by Alexandra K. Trenfor, “the best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don’t tell you what to see”. Mr. Salsada guaranteed that if I try to learn with no pressure of tests or homework, but for the actual information and understanding of things, I would actually learn and retain the information and my grades would improve. And surely it
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