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When I was young my family and I lived in Spokane Washington. I have lived my entire life in Spokane, Washington up until now, I spent 10 years there and it was a pretty amazing experience before moving to California. In Spokane there is a lot of snow during the winter, it would get very cold! Sometimes it would go into the negative degrees. I have 3 other siblings and we would go outside and play in the snow all the time, the snow would pile up so much it would be about 4 feet high. We had a huge hill on the side of our house, we would always build snow jumps and take our snowboards/sleds and ride down super fast and go off the jump and land in the snow. I had a lot of fun doing other things in the snow like building snowmen,snowball fights,…show more content…
When I moved back, California was a new adventure for me. Most of the time it is always sunny and has nice weather I am in love with the California weather but sometimes I miss the snow and all the fun I had. When I moved to california I was going into the 5th grade and all my life I was in the same school so I knew everyone and I had a ton of friends but Since I was moving to a new school this was a big change in my life because I had to meet new friends and get out of my comfort range. When I moved to the new elementary school I was surprised at how nice the kids were and how many kids wanted to be my friend. The school was very welcoming and It was easy for me to adjust I had a great year there and it prepared me for middle school because I had already made tons of friends. After that it was pretty easy to make it through middle school up to this point and hopefully I will be able to keep going like this. My life had been pretty good so far and hopefully I can achieve my goals and look forward to my

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