Personal Narrative: My Life Changes During The 1980's

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The 1980’s was decades ago, but it felt like yesterday. Thinking back, my memories of the clothing fashion were very colorful, with big hairstyles, and music videos were important. Those were the positive and happy memories of my teenaged years, during the 1980’s era. However, life drastically changed during my high school years, and it became a stressful life. Having to overcome the stress from, school work, extra hormonal changes, and telling everyone about a baby on the way, was emotional and scary. Although, nothing compares to the joy I feel when I speak about my daughter, Cynthia. She knew all my worries of raising her from a young age, she witnessed my struggles with life, and she accomplished the life goals I dreamed for her. A normal teenager develops at their bodies own pace, but a pregnant teenager, the body must instantly develop for two. In addition, there was a physical change, mood swings, and an instantaneous maturing experience (R.Kristy, 2015). Being a self-centered teen girl was no longer an option, everything was going to be about the new baby. However, keeping the baby was always the plan. During the first month of my senior year of high school, my daughter, Cynthia…show more content…
They helped us with somewhere to live and they were very supportive with continuing my high school education. Living with parents and raising a baby was not easy. Teenagers, in general think they know it all, but being a teen mom, made it more complicated. There were plenty of disagreements about what was the right or wrong thing for Cynthia’s wellbeing. However, we were all on the same team and they usually found some type of middle ground for us to agree upon. During the day, Grandma took care of Cynthia. During work nights, Cynthia’s father would take care of her, with a little help from grandma or grandpa. They were amazing grandparents for Cynthia, words cannot express enough gratefulness, for them

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