Personal Narrative: My Life Changing Decisions

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The MyVirtualLife simulation is an interactive way to experience the changes adults go through, and provides a more hands on way of learning then just reading chapters in a book. What I found the most interesting going through the simulation was that I chose outcomes I felt were right and true to myself, even if I knew there was a better option. Similar to real life, in this simulation your decisions have a huge impact on the future of your avatar. The key to maturity is understanding the responsibility of making your own decisions, and that is an important lesson to be learnt from MyVirtualLife. During young adulthood we begin to make many impactful decisions, which can be incredibly stressful for young adults (Feldman, 2015). I found myself making decisions based on things…show more content…
When working through the simulation, my avatar formed a close friendship with a fellow college student, and the choices I made brought us together. We subsequently possessed many of the previously mentioned qualities in our friendship. Another life changing decision in early adulthood is one’s stance on romantic relationships and marriage. I found myself selecting options that had me focusing on school and work, but not completely shutting down the possibility of finding love. When my avatar started dating, it developed slowly over the course of a year or so, after the initial two stages, the stimulus stage and the value stage, we began to talk about marriage (Feldman, 2015). I selected options that put off marriage for awhile, but once I realized that our relationship had truly been developed to the fullest and was providing us both with meaningful experiences, I decided to take the plunge! What I liked most about this experience was learning that your choices do truly

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