Personal Narrative: My Life In El Salvador

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Many kids do not realize how life is out of the United States. I have experienced a completely new aspect of life outside of an American life into a third world country. Being able to stay there for half of the summer each year as taught me valuable characteristics. The culture experience I had in El Salvador has made me a humble individual, who has become more generous and a thankful person. As I take a step back and analyze my first year in a third world country, I do not regret one bit because it has made me humble. I do not need to have every brand new shoe wear or clothing that releases every Saturdays. I am as equal as they are as well. In certain ways, it has even taught me to restrain on certain things. I could not have the courage…show more content…
For instance, the kids do not have the best education, house equipment, clothing and so on. For me, I have everything they could imagine to be honest and perhaps even the adults as well. I am supremely grateful for the multiple freedoms that they rarely have. I get to stay out late and enjoy a day out with my friends when the kids in El Salvador have be in doors by evening due to gang activity and murders. Most of all I am thankful for my mother. She did not have to immigrate to the United States for me, which makes me appreciate that my future success would be because of her. I must say my experience being in a third world country was not just a vacation but it was a life changing stage that had turned me into a humble, generous, and thankful individual today. Do not get me wrong the first time I found out, I was going to a place like this I thought was God punishing me terribly. Given that, I had to get used to their living conditions, food and seeing what they do just to survive each day has taught me more than my characteristics of the person I am now. It has a opened a new door for myself and let us just say I could not be more blessed than what I am
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