Personal Narrative: My Life In Houston

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The environment in which I was raised in is not exactly the best looking area in Houston. Whether it’s the thinner roads, bigger ditches, or smaller houses, my area just isn’t the most luxurious. However, that doesn’t stop my community, family, and I from enjoying our lives. We have adapted to this area and have continuously grown to endure the many struggles that accompany us in our daily lives. We have grown so much, that we are basically like the overgrown grass that doesn’t stop growing. But seriously, this community is marvelous. Everyone is linked to one another in some shape or form, whether they are family, friends, or acquaintances. My mom and uncle communicate with at least 95% of the population of my neighborhood, it’s insane. I…show more content…
We all do possess the ability to have quite the amazing back and forth conversations, but we are not the type to approach people first since we are the more bashful type. I would definitely recommend to talk to my family, though at the end of the day, it’s your choice. However, if you don’t, you will unfortunately be missing out on a good time. Then there is my house that doesn’t have the most substantial amount of space. I would recommend this house for a couple that is just starting their lives together and would actually be a decent amount of space for two people and maybe even an extra kid since the house would still contain an available room that would be a waste to not use and pretend that the room doesn’t exist or anything of that sort. This one underrated wooden structure is perfect for that situation, but unfortunately my family that consists of 6, it’s a lot more challenging. We have learned to live with it, and I mean this literally. We are grateful that we have beds, money, food, and two restrooms. The two restrooms definitely make up for the lack of space in my

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