Personal Narrative: My Life In Michigan University

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Living in Michigan there’s always the routine that us Michiganders go through that follows our unpredictable weather. When spring hits we settle for looking at leaves as the blow along the chilly wind. When it’s time for summer we shoot towards having a good time on a beach, amusement park, pool party, or anything that resembles water. When fall hits it never fails to remind us that we need to rake the leaves that it leaves behind. Winter arrives with its chills and snow that makes us stay in our houses with a mug of hot chocolate, but it is during this weather where I notice a big difference in my neighborhood and in Ann Arbor in the choice of coats that we trust to keep us warm.
I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan in a neighborhood that isn’t particularly well off but you never fail to see happy faces walking along to
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During high school, most families were in the same situation as me or worse. Many parents would spend $75 or less on coats. However, I notice throughout campus a pattern of coats with a red patch on one side of the arms or on the chest. I begin to wonder if this is the new style that has established, and decide to look online to see why they are better than others. That 's when I see prices starting $500 and getting as high as $1000. I became amazed by the number of students who are able to buy such pricy item in which I am unable to even touch.
The impact of the coats had on me noticing the amount of students who can afford the type of coats compared to the small percentage of others student who were unable to. University of Michigan is a prestigious school known for having middle to upper class students. A class in which I as of now, do not comprehend. The difference in what a working class person would but their clothes and what a upper class would wear. The type of environment affects the way we see clothing and they way we use it to represent
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