Personal Narrative: My Life In Middle School

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In the duration of my middle school years, I maintained excellent grades, except I had just one issue that held me back from a satisfying life. That issue was the fact that friends came very hard to me in my middle school years. Before my struggles at my middle school, Trafton, I had a very productive social life in the Elementary school I attended, Roberts Elementary. Here, it was very easy to make friends and have a great social life, since no hard work was required as a kid. Middle school, however, was a great challenge for me. As middle school began, hard working and social life had shaped a hefty problem for me. Middle school brought forth harder work, and attending a different school expunged almost all of my previous friends. I began to work much harder as a student, because I felt that it was important to receive superb grades. However, this affected my life with friends in later years. As 7th grade started, my social life came to a definitive close. I struggled greatly with friends, primarily because one of my good friends had left Trafton in 6th grade to receive home schooling, and because all of my other friends from elementary schools attended other schools. I attempted to reach more friendly terms with people who I previously…show more content…
In 2007, my mom, sister, and I all moved to Houston from Pennsylvania. In elementary school and most of middle school, my dad seldom called me outside of school, and it was hard for me to talk to him even when he visited me. In 7th grade, my mom would frequently get mad at me, and I would have nobody else to have a conversation with about my troubles, because my Dad was often busy with work. Although these problems seem troubling, long, and difficult, I still got through them. I ended my 7th grade year at Trafton with a very low self-esteem with hatred for everything, but was ready to take on the challenge of a new school,
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