Personal Narrative: My Life In New York City

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As foul smoke crowds the air I start to see tolls ahead, excitement crowds my head because what I’ve always dreamed of was a few miles away. The thought of having to pay to get into a city made me realize I am no longer home in my small town. Suddenly I hear horns and yelling they can be heard from miles away “this city is so aggressive” I say to my boyfriend. Next left Verrazano Bridge a sign say’s, cruising at a speed of 15 mph the suspense of seeing skyscrapers and much more await me. Coming over the bridge I see tons of people “so this is what a population of 3 million looks like” I uttered intimidated about how many people there was. They all hustled to the subway or to the towering buildings “they’ve had to live here all their lives to know this place so well” I exclaimed.
Everyone looked different from the skin tones to style. From long hair to short hair colorful clothing, so many different styles and trends. Being around so much creativity from the
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People looked different in this borough they looked more relaxed they weren’t moving so rapidly to get somewhere as to the Yankees in Manhattan. My anticipation built to be here was finally fulfilled, always hearing a new story from my family over the years I always felt I had to go and experience this crowned jewel of a city. “This is my borough” my boyfriend say’s moving here at an early age he had a lot to overcome on his own. Raising a family here, living in shelters, to going to school and having to really persevere to gather money for such a costly city “you have to find your ambition the city will make you find it”. He has to leave because he hurt his knee on his contract career, he came home to NC after being in New York for 20 years. “I miss it but I wouldn’t have it any other way” being in NC that is. He brought me to the city because I always dreamed of going, from a young girl my mom always told me about the
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