Personal Narrative: My Life In San Antonio, Texas

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2. I was raised with 1 older sister, Jenny, during ages 1-8 in my life. During this time I was living in San Antonio, Texas. I have 1 cat, Bandit, and 1 dog, Honey. I used to have 2 other cats, Oreo, and Macy, but they died. I have some friends from Texas. Some of them are Cody Kayvon, Tim, Rachel, Matthew. 3. I like to play video games or watch TV after I have finished all my homework. I sometimes even like to play in the rain. When I grow up I would like to be a veterinarian. A sport that i enjoy is tennis. My favorite school subjects are Math, Reading, and P.E. . 4. For my summer vacation I moved to Cresco, Iowa, from San Antonio, Texas. It took a very long time and we are still not finished moving! We took about 5 trips back and forth

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