Personal Narrative: My Life In The US

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In my life l have lived with and learned from different people from around the globe. I was born to a Mexican father and an American mother. Since living with fifty different foreigners from multiple countries and following my father’s footsteps leading tours for foreign students; I have certainly been around my fair share of cultures and learned to appreciate different people. My father, had just flown into the United States from Mexico. Within minutes of his arrival, my mother’s water broke and I was born a few short hours later. My father’s stay in the United States was short-lived as he was uncomfortable with the seemingly loud, materialistic society and sensitive to the apparent oppression of underrepresented people in America. My father…show more content…
Not only did I observe her livelihood, but I lived it as she consistently hosted foreign students in our home. These students came to learn English through schools affiliated with UC Berkeley. The foreigners were primarily from East Asian countries such as Peoples Republic of China, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan. To this day, one of my fondest childhood memories was when a student lived with us from Thailand. His name was Thep, and he lived with us for a year. I considered Thep a big brother, as I had no siblings at the time. I followed him around the house and bugged him until he obliged. Since looking back now I know the qualities I appreciated him for. He was still, quiet, and studious; qualities different than I was use to. Through time spent with Thep, I discovered peacefulness and a sense of calm that I incorporate into my daily life. Since that time, I have learned Thai people, in general, tend to be patient, cool hearted and playful. Having lived with so many different people from many different countries throughout my childhood, I found idiosyncrasies are to be found in each culture and in each individual. I was fascinated by this and wanted to work for my grandmother just as soon as I possibly
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