Personal Narrative: My Life Through Traumatic Experiences

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In life we all have gone through traumatic experiences mine is full of them. The experiences vary from rejection, trying to please others, to losing the people I love, but I always learn from those “traumatic” experiences. One that will always scar me for life is when my dad left to Mexico and left my mom and I. The story is full with sadness but things to learn too. Brace yourselves because you are just going to see just one part of my dramafest of a life.(P.S. while reading please hear “stay with me” by: sam smith ) It was a sunny Sunday morning in May 25th,2014… I woke up all happy when I realized it was the day I didn’t want to be in the day my dad would go off to Mexico. I went to my parent’s room to beg my dad to not leave. He had so many things he was going to miss my graduations, my conformation and so many other things. He told me to look at the bright side that every time I’ll go to Mexico he will be there, but I thought about when I won’t be able to go because of school. I told him not to go, but he didn’t hear it makes me feel as if I wasn’t…show more content…
I learned that I should look at the bright sides of things because even if my dad left I will still see him every summer until I’m off to Harvard School of Politics. The aftermath was bad my dad’s side of the family ignored me at the time I needed them the most but not my madrina she loved me the most. But less than a year later some of them payed me more attention but I haven’t seen some of them since my dad left. During all of this I still miss the summers with them the weekends and the parties I really miss them I miss basically everybody of my family. But like the what I learned from the story to see the bright side that some do care about me and that I will still see my dad. So in all my “traumatic” experiences I will always learn a new thing that will help me
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