Personal Narrative: My Life With Golf

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My Life with Golf
Golf is a sport I decided to pick up a little more than a few years ago. It is one of which that requires an intensely good mental game along with a well practiced physical game. It has affected many people’s lives such as Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth, as well as mine. A valuable question I can ask myself is, what affect does golf have on me? In the first place it makes me feel like I want to get angry. This game tests my temper. I get angry whenever I hit a bad shot or miss a putt I feel like I should have made, I get angry. This is an awful habit. I slam a club down or toss my ball to show my anger, which makes me look like a fool at times. My parents are always telling me after a round to quit doing it but it is really hard to quit showing my anger. There is so much free time in golf that is makes you think about every little thing, golf related or not, and you over analyze and making yourself go mentally crazy. As a result of this anger I end up playing terrible and breaking clubs rarely. In the second place it makes me feel joy. Golf is a game that has a high risk and reward value. There are many times when you are put in a bad situation and you take a great risk and it works out
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Unlike any other sport, golf provides an unexpainable level of challenge. The swing itself has to be almost perfect to play well, so the player must execute their swing to hit good shots. Every shot poses a great challenge no matter where you are playing. The difficulty level of golf is very high and that is why even professionals struggle at the game. Golf courses provide an unlimited amount of obstacles that separate the good golfers from the great. Great golfers can get themselves out of challenging situations and excel from difficult lies and location on the golf course. By having the obstacles and having the golf swing in itself, the game allows for a great challenge and requires great focus while
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