Personal Narrative: My Literacy Interview

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For my literacy interview I interview a young lady by the name of Jeanette Zamarripa. I did Ms. Jeanette because I have gotten to know her over the years. I met Ms. Jeanette at Lone Star in Tomball a while back, we had a math class together, but we never really talk to each other, until last year we have several classes together, and we did remember each other from the math class we took a while back. I think everything happens for a reason, and that the Lord put people in your path for a reason as well. We were both attending UHD. However, we have become really good friends, I feel like I have known her for years, we get along really well. I choose her for my assignment because she told me about her struggles that she face when she was in elementary school, I think her journey is inspiring and amazing and others should know about it. If she doesn’t tell you about what she’s been through you could never guess. Ms. Jeanette English and Spanish is exceptional, she is fluent in speaking and writing them as well.
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Tell me a little about yourself. I am a mother of four girls I have been married for 21 years to the father of my children. My parents are Mexican they were both born in Mexico, I was born in Houston, Texas thank God, and yeah I want to be a teacher.
2. What language do you speak at home? We speak both Spanish and English
3. Do you or your immediate family (parents, bothers/sisters) speak more than one language? Yes. If so, what? We all speak Spanish and English or English and Spanish. However, you want to say it.
4. How old were you when you started learning your second language? I was 5 years
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