Personal Narrative: My Local Dollar Tree

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I went to my local Dollar Tree to make a menu for a family of four people. It was a little challenging to do so. My local Dollar Tree, which is located in Camden, Arkansas, do not have a frozen section like many other Dollar Tree stores. The Dollar Tree stores that has the frozen section has way more food selection then the Dollar Tree stores that do not. The frozen section different meats selection and a variation of breakfast foods. I made due with my local Dollar Tree. As I mention before there are not many possibilities to choose from. There are a few health choice people can make. Cream of Wheat Maple Brown Sugar Instant Hot Cereal is not all bad for you. It has 0 grams of fat, 2 grams of protein, 28 grams of carbohydrate, and 130 calories. The serving size is one package. This is a healthier choice then a sugary cereal. I suggest the family eat the Cream of Wheat with some toast and coffee or water. Another health choice I saw and put on my menu was Mandarin Orange cups. They have 0 gram of fat, 0 gram of protein, 18 grams of carbohydrate, and 70 calories. The serving size is one can. I believe these will make a good snack for four people. Water is always a health drink. Veggie Straws are somewhat health. They are low in saturated fat, has no cholesterol, and low in sugar. It has 7 grams of total fat, 16 grams of…show more content…
They only have fruits in cups and cans. There are no vegetables available in this Dollar Tree. I think there are some available if there is a frozen section. At another Dollar Tree you may can get some frozen vegetables. Which would make a health side for a meal. Someone may choose to by their groceries at a Dollar Store because it may be cheaper than going to Wal-Mart or a supermarket. With Dollar Tree everything is a dollar. A person may find the same food idem at Wal-Mart or a supermarket and it could cost three dollars more than it would cost at the Dollar
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