Personal Narrative: My Lock-In

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For the past 15 years, I was never allowed to sleep at a friend’s house. My parents were afraid that I would be kidnapped or murdered. I wouldn’t even ask my parents if I could sleepover at this friend’s house because I knew the answer would be no. As I joined soccer during freshman year, I knew there would be a Lock-In, where team bonding occurs by having sleepovers. Our Lock-In would be held in a soccer dome near Zona Rosa. I was hesitant about asking my parents. My teammates and coaches were concerned that I wouldn’t be able to come. I decided to explain the event to my parents a week before, and they gave me the “why” face. They began discussing privately in Cantonese and Vietnamese, which I can hear and understand. Since this was a school…show more content…
We were having a great time. Ralphie and Raumin were dancing, which was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. Later, C team’s bet was mentioned. Earlier, we had made a bet with our coaches that we could wax their leg if we win against Oak Park, and they agreed. We won 3-0 and I had prepared the wax. Ralphie and Raumin thought we were all joking about bringing it, but when I revealed the strips to them, they began to panic. The waxing strips were about 5 inches long and an inch wide. Before I could wax Ralphie, he placed a soccer glove in his mouth because he needed something to bite on when the pain occurs. I positioned the wax strip on the side of this left leg vertically and pulled. “AAAAHHHHH!!” His reaction was priceless. He was screaming in pain and upset by the fact there was a clear 5-inch spot on his leg. Raumin’s leg was waxed the way Ralphie’s was waxed. Although they had the same response when I pulled, Raumin was calmer. I never knew how hilarious waxing could be. The remaining people awake at 4AM headed to the field. We brought our blankets and pillows there. We were all having those night conversations where we just talk about whatever pops up in our mind, and some were kicking the soccer ball. Leidy attempted to draw on me when I fell asleep, and Ralphie also tried to draw on everyone that was asleep. One by one, we fell asleep by
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