Personal Narrative: My Love For Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Although I am a picky eater chocolate chip cookies is something I always enjoyed eating as long as I can remember. I never second guessed whether I should try it or not I just did. Since chocolate chip cookies is one of my favorite types of cookies I tried to make them myself. I tried making them with the cookie dough you can buy from the store and making them from scratch. Chocolate chip cookies is a one of my favorite type cookie. I probably have been eating them since I had teeth in my mouth. People have always told me don’t knock it until you try it and I don’t remember ever knocking chocolate chip cookies before trying them. I think I never dislike chocolate chip cookies because they always been in my pantry and I see people around me eating them. I think my love for chocolate chip cookies grew when I was in elementary school. My school used to sell 3 cookies for a dollar on Fridays. Those chocolate chip cookies was my favorite they was always warm and soft. I was always disappointed when I couldn’t get the store brand cookies to taste like them.
Making the cookies with the cookie
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I found a recipe to use to make the cookies and went to the store to buy the ingredients I will need. Mixing the batter was difficult because I didn’t have a kitchen aid to use so I had to mix everything together with a spoon. The batter wasn’t thick enough so I had trouble trying to rolling them into a ball and putting them on the pan. I looked at the cookies while they was cooking and realized they was burning on the bottom but the cookies wasn’t done. I took them out the stove and thought they will get better if I just let it sit on top of the stove. When the cookies was cool enough to eat I tried it and it was horrible. The cookies tasted like pancakes and they wasn’t soft how I wanted them to be. I got discouraged and didn’t try to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch
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