Personal Narrative: My Love For Football

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Throughout my life football has by far been the biggest passion of mine. I watch the games that are on every thursday, sunday, and monday on the NFL and I watch the games every Saturday that are for the NCAA. I’ve been playing football since I was in kindergarten whether it was just screwing around with friends, playing on a team in a league, or playing for the school, and I have always loved it. Through my whole life there have been moments where my passion for football was so strong that I grew a love for it. One particular moment was when I scored my first ever touchdown for a league team. Then from then on out I grew to love the sport of football. When I was around nine years old my dad enrolled me into the Duck Creek Pop Warner Football league where for the first time, I would play for an actual organized team. I was so excited to begin to play actual football from my years of playing around with my friends throwing the ball around or watching the games with my dad. Growing up with my brother we would play football together on an awkward one against one game where I wasn’t allowed to tackle him because he was younger than me and my parents didn’t want him to be hurt. Up until this time I also didn’t know how to tackle a ball carrier. Being the older of a brother I was never really allowed to tackle my brother and I…show more content…
My mind raced with the excitement of finally being able to play actual football and from that I began to feel nervous. Up until this point I haven’t been able to hit others and I worried on whether or not I would be tough enough to compete with others. My dad saw the nerves that were clouding me and he reassured me saying that “You’ll do great. You have a crap load of talent and I know you’ll be awesome. Just do your best and the rest will follow.” When my father said this all the nerves washed out of my mind and I went out to play
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