Personal Narrative: My Love For Horses

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I found my love for horses around the age of five. I began to notice them driving to and fro my home in Lake St. Louis. By default I was given a perfect view of the white painted barn and the paddocks where the horses were grazing happily. For my fifth birthday I was given a pack of four horseback riding lessons. I never wanted to miss a lesson- even in the coldest winter months. One lesson I vividly remember, I was riding a pony, Zoe, in my snowpants and heavy jacket. I don’t know how I was able to move, but I did know that nothing was going to keep me from horses. Not long after I had begun taking lessons it was time for my five year Grandma Trip. This is a Trip that my Grandma takes me on every five years, wherever I want to go. I chose to go to Meramec Farm Cabins in Bourbon, Missouri. It was a rustic setting- log cabins for your stay and right outside our backdoor was a paddock where every morning and evening I would have a new…show more content…
One of my favorites is Horse Diaries told from the horse’s perspective. A true classic and my all time favorite was Black Beauty, I memorized up to page sixteen and would repeat the hardship over and over in my head. Then the most inspiring horse book I have read so far has been Misty of Chincoteague. It gave me the inspiration I had for my ten year Grandma Trip to Chincoteague to see the “Pony Swim”. My Grandma and I woke up at 3A.M. loaded our car with snacks and lawn chair and drove to a woman 's yard where many people had paid for a parking space. From the yard it was a mile walk to the section of shore the horses would swim to. Getting there wasn’t that easy, we had to trudge through a smelly swamp to reach the area that would allow us to get a close up view of the ponies swimming to shore. Even though we almost lost our shoes in the early morning walk through the muck it was all worth it. I got to take many pictures and make memories that would last me a
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