Personal Narrative: My Love For Running

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Throughout my life I have received some awards that I am proud of. The ribbons I receive are for running. I been told by many people, and adults that I’m a good runner. Ever since elementary track and field days,running the 50 meter dash, I have received compliments from many adults and family. As I grew up my love for running grew. I even have ran five 5-K races, and plan on running more. Most of the ribbons I received was in track. The races I ran in track was the 4x8 and the 4x4, all long distance races. In the 4x8 we received first places ribbons, and with are 4x4 we received second place ribbons. I’ve gotten many compliments over the years, but what adults have often complimented me on was babysitting. Most adults have told me “You 're

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