Personal Narrative: My Love For Soccer

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My eyes settle on the furthest post, the wind is forcefully blowing against my heated cheeks and my legs are moving faster and faster grinding the green and black turf of the field. The tension is palpable but I am focused on my goal, metaphorically and literally. Suddenly, my right foot fiercely impacts the ball, that slides straight into the net. GOAL! Excitingly, I put my hands in the air, fists closed and a smile plastered on my face, I scored! While happiness soars through my veins I advert a sensation of fulfillment unrelated to the game.
Almost nostalgically, I think of how difficult it has been to conjugate soccer into my life. In Italy, there is an entrenched prejudice about soccer being a sport purely for boys and a girl who likes soccer is disheartened to pursue her passion. However, this stereotype did not make my dad desist from trying to initiate me to soccer, and, since I was four years old, he would bring me to the park and teach me how to kick a ball and play soccer. Rapidly soccer became not only my biggest passion but also the common ground between my father and me.
More than anything else, I wanted to play soccer. I would play with my friends at the park or alone in the living room; however I craved to play in a team. My determination to pursue my passion was so overwhelming that I chose to join a soccer team where I
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The team is also the carrier of a message against women’s abuse and it uses soccer to put in contact men and women on a common ground.
Today, I play in two soccer teams: an institutional and a competitive one. I repute my teammates part of my extended family. Soccer is one of the cornerstones of my life and I am glad I decided to fight my fears and society’s

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