Personal Narrative: My Love Of A Horse

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I always wanted a horse when I was little. I asked for one every Christmas I’d write it on my wish list and sometimes I’d just ask out of the blue for one. I love being around and helping animals, especially horses and cattle. I knew there was a lot of responsibility to take on if I were to get a horse. I already had cattle but for some reason I just really wanted a horse. I begged my parents to let me have one just one, it wasn’t like I was asking for a hundred horses, what’s one little horse going to do. Anywhere I went I went straight for the horses if there was any around. I go to the neighbors down the road with my parents and while they were talking I’d spend hours with their horses, just talking to them, brushing them out and sometimes…show more content…
I love warming up a bottle of milk for the new calf and holding the bottle up and trying to get the calf to drink the milk, as the milk is squirting out their nose because they drank too fast. When I’d have to cow have a calf in the winter I’d have to help it get the colostrum it needed from its mothers’ teats to be able to survive. Since I have blonde hair the horses always think its hay and try to eat it. I first learned how to tack up a horse before I was allowed to ride one. I was told if I don’t know how to tack up a horse then I shouldn’t be riding so I was taught how to tack a horse. Tacking a horse consists of putting the bit in the mouth properly and the rest of the bridle on then, putting the saddle blanket on the back on the horse then, the saddle. After I put the saddle one I have to tie down the saddle using the cinch to tighten the saddle after that that is all I had to do to tack a horse. I remember the first time I got on a horse, I was about eleven and my father gave me a boost up onto the saddle because I couldn’t reach the stirrups. Once I was on the horse my dad lead the horse around the field telling me what I needed to do. When I got, comfortable enough I was able to go on my own while my father was still watching to make sure I did

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