Personal Narrative: My Love Of Baseball

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My parents had always tried to set me up for success, they had figured out my love of baseball while I was still at a young age. They did everything in their power to be sure I could develop as a ballplayer. My dad even went as far as flatting out our backyard and placing down a batting cage so that I could practice whenever I wanted to. Even after practicing through rainstorms, and freezing cold weather, I was still “that kid” on the team. It was my first season on the big field. Those extra thirty feet between bases made running to first seem like running a mile. I was on a team full of people that I had never seen before in my life. Together, we formed the Virginia Cobras. Even though we were still getting our bearings on the big field, we played with confidence and passion. We grinded our way through the season, and managed to make it to the playoffs. Just as all playoff games are, this game was close. Really close. It had come down to my pivotal at bat in the last inning. The yelling of the crowd and the nervous look on my teammates faces made it…show more content…
I was wondering if my teammates would crack jokes about me as I was walked by. Between being frustrated about the game, and worrying about school tomorrow, I couldn’t sleep that night. To my surprise, when I went to school, there were no jokes. There was nothing out of the ordinary. All my friends were the same, nobody was laughing. They greeted me as usual, and throughout the whole day, not single word was said about the embarrassing performance I put on the night before. It was that day when I realized, baseball is just a game. It is meant to be fun. Ever since that day, I embrace every game, practice, workout, and bullpen. Changing my whole attitude about the game helped me to develop into a good ballplayer. It was that younger me that put everything in perspective for me. Every time I take the field, I approach it with passion and
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