Personal Narrative: My Love Of Cosmetology

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Since the age of 14 I knew being a cosmetologist was what I wanted to do I have always been very passionate about beauty I have always enjoyed the feeling of doing someone's hair or nails one of my favorite things was watching my friends faces after I did a manicure and how they love the designs and them being so amazed at my great work. It is such a great feeling to make someone feel that way. I have had numerous people tell me a cosmetology is my calling. But I already knew that. I could sit here and go on and on about everything I love about cosmetology but that would be a very long essay. So I will go on to what my biggest achievement is I have many achievements but the one I am most proud of is my children. My babies make me want to be the best I can at everything I do. I have been …show more content…

Now for my goals: my first goal is to graduate at the top of my class I would really like to graduate as one of the top stylist in my class. My second goal is to try to become a salon owner a couple years after I graduate this is been something I have wanted to achieve for quite a while. And lastly my third goal is to make my dreams of being a cosmetologist come true. And that is where Paul Mitchell comes in. How can the staff up on Mitchell help me reach my goals well with Paul Mitchell being One of the number one schools in the area I feel that nothing but amazing people come from their having already met a few I can see that the staff are amazing. I know Paul Mitchell can show me how to be one of the best. And the best is what I Shelby. My goals will be met and I know with Paul Mitchell I can get there. I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about my love for

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