Personal Narrative: My Love Of Football

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When I was in middle school, writing was a bit of a struggle for me. Whether it was an essay or simply a reading response, I was not able to get a grade that was sufficient enough for myself. I felt that when I wrote, I would lose focus and motivation very quickly. Although lack of focus and motivation was present while I wrote, it was not present when I was out on the field playing a game I love: football.
In 2008, I played football for the Boyertown Optimist Football League. I can remember that year of football like it was yesterday, and I had some of the toughest, but best coaches that I ever had. Playing football is a tough sport that requires a lot of physical and mental endurance, and my coaches did not take anything lightly when either me or my teammates made a mistake. If the play was supposed to start on a count of two, but someone moved on the count of one, then the whole team would have to run laps around the field. I can remember being in the back field as a running back, and when a lineman would have a false start, our head coach would yell in a rage of fury. Then, he
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We would have to do exercises up a steep hill that was by the football fields we practiced on. Our coaches would make us run or even bear-crawl up the hill for hours. I can still remember the dry grass from the summer drought, and my struggles of getting up the hill while on my hands and feet. Perspiration would be dripping down my face as I would keep telling myself to focus and not give up. In some practices, people would throw up due to the extreme heat and exhaustion. If anyone would refuse to run, or not go full speed, then they would have to run even more. Although this sounds very grueling, this type of activity was beneficial for the whole team, and taught me and my teammates important lessons for the
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