Personal Narrative: My Marauder Legacy

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My Marauder Legacy The actions and behaviors a person does always have an effect on the surrounding people. It is up to the person to decide what type imprint he will have on others. Some people work passionately and diligently to be an example and a role model for other people who will come after. I am one of those people. I work very hard to achieve my goals, and when I do, I ensure that I leave footsteps that will be followed by other people. When I leave Warren Mott, I intend to leave behind determination and a good character. To begin with, I come from a background full of hardships. I was born and raised in Syria. After my uncle was kidnapped, and, my family was threatened by terrorists, we decided to leave everything behind and come to a totally new world to seek asylum. I was forced to leave everything I own, including the home that had all my memories in it. The moment I landed in the United States, the challenges got more difficult. I came to the United States without knowing a single word in English. Communicating with others was very difficult and almost impossible. I was not able to say what was going on through my mind. Word by word, I started to learn the English language.…show more content…
I am polite, humble, and respectful to others. I have a passion for helping others and making their life better. For that reason, I decided to become a Marauder Ambassador. By being an ambassador, I introduce freshmen and new students to the school campus. When I started school in the United States, an ambassador welcomed me and familiarized me with the school; therefore, I became a Marauder Ambassador to give back and serve the community that welcomed me when I came here. Furthermore, I became a Sunday school teacher to teach and inform aspiring children about the bible. I chose to be a role model for the little children, and, now, I choose to be a role model for the student in my
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