Personal Narrative: My Marching Band Experience

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I was feeling a lot of different emotions before practice even started. I was tired from not getting enough sleep to having to go through this at least 1 more year. I was nervous that I would have to teach the freshman on how we do things in marching band. I was excited for the new show and that I was finally a senior. What made me even more nervous is the fact that I was 1 of 2 seniors for the flutes. There are usually 5 or more, but we were the unlucky class. This just made it harder for Sydney and me. 20 or more flutes are depending on us to lead them.

A week before practice started, Sydney and I stayed after school to make name tags for the upperclassmen. This would help the freshman learn our names. I hadn’t realized that the time flew by so fast that marching band was going to start and I was already starting my senior responsibilities for my section. Because of this, I remembered my first practice during freshman year. I arrived with my friend and we had received our name tags. I was happy for being a part of something. This memory made me become into a leader for the first time. At the time, I didn’t realize that I would stay for 3 more years of this.
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I was nervous because I was by myself, but I was also confident because I knew I needed to be their leader. A good leader is asking for help when they need it and I did just that. I asked the juniors if I missed any commands or anything that was important. Now, Harloff and Webb are taking away SmartMusic which is a program that helps us learn our music. Sydney and I will now have to create a Facebook page for the flutes. There would be an assignment due at a certain time and everyone would submit a video of them doing that. In my past years, we didn’t do that so now this is a new
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