Personal Narrative: My Medical Conditions In High School

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Throughout high school my medical conditions have not always been the greatest. I have suffered from three concussions, mono, sever back pain that keeps me bed ridden often, and many other illnesses. These are no excuse for poor performance but they are the reason for most of my problems throughout high school. Mono being the biggest reason. My junior year my attendance rates went way down compared to the last two years which were already bad. I started the year fresh out of a car accident which left me with blinding headaches and back problems so bad I had to show up to school in a wheelchair at times because it hurt to walk. From the start of the year I tried very hard to work out the issues with my teachers and make up for any work I missed…show more content…
Once I was able to go to school again I could only make it through one class a day for a long time causing me to still fall very far behind. In the month of April I was finally able to make it too at least half of my classes each day, but I had a lot of catch up to play. I pushed through despite missing so much school and managed to not fail any of my classes that trimester which despite my poor grades was a great accomplishment for me. My supportive teachers that year helped me through so much and I owe a lot to them, but I also credit myself with a strong will to push through and work through what was holding me back to come up and succeed. My senior year has not started out too great either I have still having the bad side pain despite being over the mono. After once again many doctors visits we have found that I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome which explains the amount of illness I’ve had all throughout high school and now we know even though there is no cure there is medicine I can take to make the pain manageable. Now I am really hopeful that the hard work was not for nothing and my poor attendance and grades from that school year will not hold me back from accomplishing my goals of getting accepted to your college and becoming a history teacher so I can help students like myself push through their hard
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