Personal Narrative: My Memorial Trip To Branson

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The time I took a memorial trip to Branson
Jackie Chan once tweeted Family isn’t whose blood you carry It’s who you love and who loves you back. I want to tell you about the time I took a trip to Branson that I will never forget. Some of you probably took an amazing trip you remember. Well I am going to share with you how I met my adopted grandparents, the Christmas days leading up to the trip, and what we did while we were there.
This started out as a normal day at school but I suddenly felt sick during the middle of the school day, so I went to the nurse and I had a fever plus lunch didn’t agree with me. She called my mom but she didn’t answer her phone. The nurse decided that she would just take me home. We get into her car and she starts
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One day I asked my mom to go. I had been trying a long time to get my mom to come to church. She would come off and on but this time we were going to a church that reenacted what life would be like if you are not saved. That day my mom got saved and ever since that day we would come to church early every Sunday and cook breakfast for the kids. It was so cool to see a change in my mom knowing that now we are going to live eternally in Heaven after we die.

Now fast forward I have gotten so close to my new adopted family and my adopted grandma and grandpa are going to take me on a trip to Branson after Christmas. I was so happy I counted down the days to Christmas already but now I am counting down the days till after Christmas. Christmas eve comes fast. Every year we went to my real grandma's house so nothing was going to change this year. I thought everything out and my mom and I would go to my grandma’s house on Christmas eve stay there till Christmas day then leave that night. That way I could be back the next day. This Christmas eve the procrastination was strong and I saved all my wrapping for that day so we did all the wrapping and proceed to go to grandmas house. Long car ride puts me to sleep so I fell asleep on the way up
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