Personal Narrative: My Memory Of The Holocaust

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I am truly glad to have a life with freedom, liberty and peace. I’m able to say my own opinion and have my family, who supports me in everything. Most likely to be me, even if I’m not perfect, to have brown hair and eyes. Not be judged or looked at differently for my religion, race or gender. But I know life wasn 't the same as it used to be. In 1933 all that changed, a time period where mankind was being attacked. Sadness, suffering and pain left a mark on humanity. The Holocaust has a lot of meanings to me. Mixed emotions during this time period make me wonder how it felt to be a person in the Holoacaust. Luckily the Holocaust ended, leaving millions in debt and hurt emotionally. Luckily there was one man that survived the Holocaust, being able to teach about the Holocaust. One of those people was Israel Arbeiter. His words are what inspired me to write this essay. Humanity is very diverse. There are so many different types of characteristics in this world. There can be heroes or villains, that is what makes this world what it is…show more content…
My memory of the Holocaust has been so informational. In school the Holocaust has been big part of our school year. We did the play of Anne Frank, watched the Anne Frank movie and did a project. All these things really expanded and broadened my vision of the Holocaust. I know in Boston they do memorials, parades, and holidays. If I won this competition, the journey of going to Washington D.C will ensure I will always remember the Holocaust. I have many family members which I will share the events of the Holocaust with. As well as with my children. Down through the generations the Holocaust will be remembered by my family. I want to show them my project and the movies so they know the knowledge and truth about the Holocaust. Luckily survivors are still living they are a piece of living history. With the help of survivors this tragic event will always be
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