Personal Narrative: My Michigan Hero

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" Good morning Owen, I hope you have a great day." Mrs. Derk's gave me a shining smile as I walked down the hallway past the office to start third grade at Pathfinder Elementary School in Fremont. My Michigan hero doesn't do big things, she does a bunch of small things everyday to make people smile and have a positive beginning to their day. Mrs. Derk's maybe did not have the most exciting or relaxing job in the world being a elementary secretary she made the best of her job and expressed a positive outlook. She always went the extra mile for her friends and coworkers but not expect much or any thing in return for all the hard work that she does. My Michigan hero did not use weapons in a war to become my hero all she had to do was smile and say a friendly hello.…show more content…
Mrs. Derk's said I could stay in pathfinders office where she worked as there secretary and help with small things around the office and school. My mother left me sitting in a stroller straining to get out and run around the office. Mrs. Derk's walked over to me while I was sitting in my stroller with a smiling face and asked, " Would you like to help me with mail?" I nodded my head vigorously which made her face light up even more. Mrs. Derk's helped me out of the stroller and then lead me into the teachers lounge where there was a group of cubbies that each had a teachers name on it. She gave me a stack of envelopes and papers with names I did not recognize. She taught me the different names and where they went in the group of cubbies. This experience made my day and also helped teach me some names of teachers I would later
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