Middle School Narrative

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Middle School Today is the first day of school with my new friends I met over the summer - James,Mike and Drake. We all met at a camp called “Camp Highwater”. It was one of the best camps you could go to and my friends would say the same as well. We met while playing four on four basketball. James,Mike, and myself (Fred) were all on one team, but we were playing against Drake. At first I didn’t really like him because he was destroying our team 19-6 and he had 12 of those 19 and of course I was forced to defend him. Plus, nobody likes to have their opponent score all of the points. “Good game Fred!” Drake shouted while leaving the court. This made me think he wasn’t so bad. “Thanks, can’t wait to play you again. I won’t be so easy…show more content…
James where did you go last year ,said I Oh I went here it’s not that bad but the teacher’s love me so I can get away with almost anything. Hey guy’s what time does the bell ring said Mike At 8:00 why do you ask i said Because its 7:58 We all went into a race car mode and rode our bikes as fast as possible once we got to the door’s we were in a all out sprint into the door and then to our classes good thing mine was close or I would have been late like the rest of them. They had got there first day of school which had to suck because you only get three a semester. We all met at the same spot we did before school. Hey Drake you still scared asked James. No it wasn’t that bad my teachers were nice but only time can tell because the first day last year the teachers were not that bad but only time can tell. How about you said Mike. Same as last year the teachers love me and can’t stop My teachers are not that bad but if they were anything like Drake’s old teachers if they were i’d get out of there real fast I said. Yeah no kidding mine are ok but my math teacher is really cool and isn’t strict unless we were being really loud. Man I want your math teacher said
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