Personal Narrative: My Middle School Years

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When I think about my middle school years some memories are clear and others not so clear. What I do remember however, is how to felt once I got to middle school. Even before my first day of sixth grade I was extremely nervous. When I walked into the building of Central Middle school I instantly felt an adrenaline rush. I get nervous quite easily so rushing to find my classes didn’t help exactly. Each class was filled with strangers I had never seen before. The first thing that popped into my mind was how will I make friends and where I would sit at lunch time. This went on for a while until I made new friends through my old friends. Those new friends are still my friends even to this day, which I am thankful for. Making these friends made…show more content…
During my seventh and eighth grade years I was a part of the National Junior Honors Society. Every Thursday we would go to all the classrooms and pick up recycling. This was very fun, because I didn’t have to sit in a class all day. In addition, I was also a part of Central’s orchestra. I had orchestra class everyday where we would improve our skills and prepare for concerts. During my years in orchestra, I participated in two solo/ensembles were I was judged. I received high scores for both my solo and ensemble. I looked forward to this class everyday, because I love music. When my brother was in middle school with me I would go to his football games, even when it was freezing outside. I also found slight joy in attending his games. In addition to the many activities I participated in, middle school was where I flourished in academic achievement. I was always a good student in elementary school, however, I didn’t always receive the best grades. Before I knew it, I was receiving plaques after plaques and certificates after certificates. I was place into my first honors class in the eighth grade. Middle school leaves nothing but great memories for
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