Personal Narrative: My Migration To America

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My family has always been very united but one day my dad emigrated to America, I was 5 years old and missed him a lot because I thought he was missing out so many important events of my childhood and all the new things I was going through, but he would always tell me that one day I would come to America and I remember I would get very content about it but as I was growing up I was making new friends, meeting new people and “living life” that I forgot about the idea of coming to America. As years were passing by, my family began to tell me that I had to enjoy every second in my country since it was probably my last year in Honduras and I believed it at first but then it never happened so I was so busy with school that I never thought the day would come. It was July 31, 2013, when I realized that the day my family and I has been waiting for had come. I and felt so different and I knew something was about to change in my life, though I was unsure of what it was I did have an idea of what it could be. “The day has come” I whispered. Although I knew it would come I never imagined how soon it would be, my mother told me that I was coming to America, I had a feeling I never felt before. I could see myself with…show more content…
I thought getting in the airplane was the worst nightmare that could have happened to me but I was mistaken. My worst nightmare had not even begun yet, I got home (my new home) Norwalk, Ohio, then I found out that I had put my suitcases in the wrong place and they had gotten lost. I was already upset because I had left my family, I was holding on my breath so I would not cry but I could not hold it anymore and I started thinking and crying at the same time because I felt alone and was already missing my mother. It was not easy, and although it was one of the hardest things I had ever been through I knew I would get through
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