Personal Narrative: My Mission Trip To Nicaragua

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It was my Senior year of High school when my parents decided to send me on a mission trip to Central America. All my friends were flying out to the Turks and Caucus and I was on a plane to Nicaragua. I would be there for 10 days and would be building houses and helping the needy. I was not at all excited to be going and had rather been with my friend enjoying the islands. I would soon come to realize that Nicaragua would teach me three lesson that would stay with me forever: how to live fully, that material needs are not everything, and that living for Christ is everything. When arriving in Nicaragua everyone I meet was full of life and had so much joy. These people lived their life to the fullest and did not let the struggles of life get them down. One of the best examples of this was Anna. Anna was in her thirties and lived with her family. She lived in a small house with dirt floors and half of the house did not have a roof. She lived with her family, because they were ill and could not take care of themselves. Anna had so much joy and was always laughing and encouraging us. She accepted what her life was and embraced it. I would come to learn of all the hardships…show more content…
From the first day, we arrived all the church leaders and the leaders that we partnered with down there poured so much truth into me and showed me what a true relationship is. Every night we would attend a local young life club and hangout with the students that would come. It was the last club of the trip and of the leader of the trip was talking about how Christians should act different than the world and how others should know that you are a believer by the way you talk and walk. It hit me that night that I was not living a life that was pleasing to Christ and that I needed to change my life around if I was going to be a

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