Personal Narrative: My Mission Trip To The Dominican Republic

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I believe in finding yourself in others. In the 21st century when you grow up you are surrounded in a world of technology, ungratefulness, and high expectations. Before I went on this life changing missions trip that was my mindset. I was ungrateful,and jealous of what I did not have. But now my values and my mindset has changed I now am grateful, and I am jealous of the people who have so little and are still so happy. I was told I was going on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic and I was excited for the pretty water and I had these high expectations that I would soon find out would not be met. The day came that I was heading to this mission trip. Fast-forward to the 3rd day that I was there I went to the slum village. I pulled up and saw the mud roads…show more content…
I walked out the bus and I started walking around I met this girl her name was Grace. I walked up to her and she was playing this game with her older brother and she saw me and ran up and gave me the biggest hug ever. She told me her name and I then started a conversation with her. I then realized that her clothes were all beaten up and were very muddy. I asked if I could take her to the bus and give her some clothes we had brought to give out as we were walking to the bus I asked her to explain what her normal day looked liked and the only thing she said was my day is “always good”. I was thinking how is your day always good if you have ripped clothes and you live in a small house with a lot of people. I got to the bus and I told her that i was going to give her some clothes. Grace’s eyes lightened up and she then began to hug me once more. When she put on the new clothes she looked like a brand new girl she wore a tulle skirt with a red shirt. I walked back and she stopped me and gave me this hand braided bracelet that I knew
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