Personal Narrative: My Mock Interview

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I prepped a lot for my Mock interview by doing the notes in class, but also by going home and practicing. The notes that we had to take in class informed me with a lot of information that I did know, and also information I did not know. For an example, I did not know that you are not supposed to wear perfume. I always thought the better you smell the better impression you will make, but that is not true when it comes to an interview for a job. Another thing I did not know was that you should send the person that interviewed you a thank you letter. No one has ever told me that a thank you letter was needed, and technically you do not have to write one, but it is more likely you will get the job if you show appreciation towards your interviewer.…show more content…
Brown’s hand, gave her eye contact, and greeted her. Then, we sat down and she asked me questions and I answered the questions thoroughly, and at a very good pace, I was also very honest while answering my questions. My interviewer was not as harsh as I would have expected for her to be. Ms. Brown is an EC Director for Weldon City Schools, so when she asked me to tell her about myself and what career I may choose, I told her that I tutored EC students for a semester, and I would love to look into being a EC teacher, and she was very impressed because many students are not interested in being a teacher for a EC children so she felt that I had same intentions that she did, that we both want to see EC children succeed in life and not be brought down, to encourage them but also people who have misunderstandings about the children. Ms. Brown and I discussed how passionate we are towards the children and how we got involved with wanting to help them which I felt that was the main reason as to why the interview went very smoothly with her, and her wonderful personality. I really enjoyed my interview with Ms. Brown and I would definitely do it again in the near future. She helped make my interview a wonderful, stress free
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