Personal Narrative: My Moment In A College Baseball Team

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My moment was when my baseball team went to a college baseball tournament and we were all freshman. The reason we went because they thought it would be a great check to see how high school would be , but these teams turned out to be way better. I felt that the mood in the air was us doubting ourselves and that we were just going to lose the games because they are college kids and were so much better .We analyzed them and decided they were way bigger than us; all taller than 6 foot. Some were a lot bigger than the others but just looked intimidating. Our coach said ” even though they are bigger doesn't mean they are fundamentally sound as us’. We tossed the coin and got home so we got a little lighter and was happy about that ,but…show more content…
He takes the first two strikes so it 0-2 we are thinking we have the game in our hands Then he just took the hardest swing ever on a curve ball and hits a critical homerun and ties it up in the bottom of the ninth 6-6. Now we got kinda nervous and questioned have we gave the game up , but our 1,2,3 and 4 was up. Our number 2 got on base and number 1 and 3 struck out, I was the last batter. That's when i really just kind of blacked out and thought of my dad playing with a grown ups team and was in the same exact situation and comes out with a base hit to win the game with two outs and a runner on second. Then the pitcher gives me a fastball down the middle and i absolutely destroy it back up the middle over the pitcher's head. The whole crowd was screaming ‘yea’” we did it”, and coach came up to me and said” thata boy I knew u were going to do it’. Went on to win the game for us against the last college game in the
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