Personal Narrative: My Mom's Poem

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Only boring people are bored Nicole For the thousand times are heard that phrase leave my moms mouth I gave a big sigh, let out a groan, and walked away. Growing up as an only child, I frequently experienced this so called boredom. My mom and I stayed home during the summers, spending our days together, going on day trips, yet I still vividly remember being utterly bored. Not once can I remember my mom actually giving something to do when I complained about my boredom to her. She never stuck me in front of a T.V. screen or in front of a computer, growing up, tablets and smartphones were non existent. To be quite honest, I have never been so grateful that I went without something. Little did I know, by my mom never giving me something to do…show more content…
For the past seventeen years another one of my mom’s favorite phrases have popped up time and time again. My mom would tell me, “Nicole, everything in moderation.” Again I would walk away with a sigh and definitely an obnoxious groan. However as I have gotten older, not only do I understand how what my mom told me applies to so many things in life, other than just my sweet tooth, but I find myself saying it as well. My mom’s phrase highly applies to the technology epidemic. As I sat in my cousins living room I watch an intelligent, creative young child turn into a zombie at the sight of the television screen. Moments prior he was speaking to his mother in Russian and his father in English, and I was astonished at such a young age he had the ability to comprehend two languages and speak them both. I took another look at this zombie version of Bryce. He had his controller in hand, his eyes were wide, staring at the television screen , not blinking. He was surrounded by toys, yet after playing with his complex car racing track for a mere five minutes, he was beyond bored, craving his parents constant attention. Bryce and I being only about fifteen years apart are leading completely different childhoods. He is growing up in the digital age, as where I grew up as the digital age was
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