Personal Narrative: My Mom's Room

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"You got this" I coached myself. As I pulled myself together and got my nerves under control and opened the door. The hallway was completely black except for the dim light shining out of mom and Aaron 's room. I didn 't see anyone but could hear grunts and what sounded like someone whining out in pain. I slowly tipped toed down the hall with hopes that no one could see me and that I would be able to get a better glance and what was going on. I didn 't know where Mom, Mo or Aaron was, but someone had to be making the noise. When I reached mom 's door I stood still against the wall as if I was a statue because I didn 't know what I would see or what would happen once I entered the room. My heart pounded as I could hear the grunts getting deeper but the whining started to become…show more content…
Mo appeared to be separated from her body as if she was having an outer body experience, but it didn 't seem like it was remotely fun. She was motionless while Aaron was doing all the work and sweating. He was tugging and pulling on Mo as if she was a piece of meat. I don 't think Mo saw me, I really don 't even think that she was there herself honestly. The look on her face screamed pain and Aaron were just moving in enjoyment. He was so into Mo that he didn 't notice her hands moving around the dresser. I couldn 't believe what I was seeing in front of me, was this shit really happening in my house? This is mom 's husband. This is the man that took me to my first baseball game. This is the man that has been at every one of my basketball games. The same man that gave me the "Man" talk, well at least he tried but it didn 't end too well. I really wasn 't trying to hear the shit he was spitting. I heard Aaron scream out "ah" and when I looked up he was stumbling back. "Oh shit," I said to quietly and jetted back to my room. I didn 't know what had happened. I didn 't know what Mo did, but I do know whatever she did to him hurt like hell because that scream he wailed out
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