Personal Narrative: My Mother Lindsay

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The person that I chose to shadow for eight hours is my mother, Lindsay. Lindsay works at the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her job title is the Vice President of Response Readiness, or in other words, she prepares the company in the event of a crisis. For example, a crisis that could occur that would need immediate assistance from her and her peers would be a hurricane, or a financial collapse. I chose to shadow my mom for this project because she is my biggest role model. So far, my mom has been very successful in her career. Looking up to someone who was successful inspires me to try and be successful in my lifetime as well. Another reason why I chose her is because she has a very important role in today’s society, which the role that I hope to pursue someday.…show more content…
During these experiences, I learned all about her daily responsibilities, some of her complications, and the importance of her position. In order to prepare the company for a crisis, Lindsay has many responsibilities that she has to carry out each day. When Lindsay firsts walks in the door, she is has around forty emails to respond to. Usually, she is the first one in the office so she can get a good start on the responsibilities she has for that day. “Most days on the job are extremely hectic, and include several meetings.” It is her job to conduct several exercises during the day to make sure that each department has a backup plan in case of emergency. While shadowing, I was able to experience one of the exercises. During the exercise, Lindsay tested one of the major departments of Bank of America. Lindsay gave the
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