Personal Narrative: My Mother, Tricia Onus

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The person I observed for this assignment was my mother, Tricia Onus. I observed my mother for two days because I wanted to write a detailed paragraph on the things she did and why she did them. I noticed within those two days of careful examination of her day that she is very clean, during the time of inspection very angry, and precise. The way I came to the conclusion of my mother being rather clean is her daily shower ritual. A ritual is a religious or solemn ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. The reason why I used such a precarious word for this rather common place habit within the middle class is that it is just that. For my mother taking a shower is how her day is started. Precisely 10…show more content…
She stood there for 5 seconds breathing heavily and stomping upstairs. Other such instances occurred throughout the day and into the next I later found out that my brother did something very… irregular at school. Unfortunately I cannot go into details, because my mother forced me to erase the section in which the situation was clearly stated for reasons unknown to me. Finally my mother is very meticulous. This is clearly shown to me whenever she cooks. On the first day my mother had to make a feast due to a party we would be hosting the same week. I scrutinized every mistake my mother’s cooking skills produced due to her very diligent nature. The only problem was that my mother made very few mistakes, which in the end caused me to strain my eyes do to my intense concentration on my mother’s cooking. She critically evaluated every ingredient, how much every ingredient mixed with the other, and how well the end result tasted. Overall my mother was a great subject for this assignment and was a very willing participant after she made a few revisions to this paper. I believe she said, “This my friend, is much to detailed and

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