Personal Narrative: My Mother's Office Bodee

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When I woke up one warm morning, I got up and let my hazel colored dog, Bodee outside as I usually do. When I let him inside I always give him a treat. I walked to the treat jar with Bodee following me, drooling for his treat. When I grabbed a treat, he instantly sat down anticipating the moment I throw the treat. When I tossed him the treat I noticed he was missing a few teeth in the front of his mouth. I rushed to tell my mom and she suspected he attacked an animal of some sort. As days went on we noticed more and more teeth were falling out and we knew it wasn't an animal. My mom urgently called the vet office getting an appointment for Bodee as soon as possible. I got Bodee’s dark blue leash and camo collar and buckled them on his neck. I noticed that there was blood on the floor dripping from his mouth. My mom opened his mouth to look inside and found a giant tumor. I was very frightened for Bodee.…show more content…
My mom ran to check Bodee in and I took him to the scale to get him weighed. He was nowhere near being portly. Shortly after, the vet called us back to the room to get Bodee’s mouth looked at. When we went in the room the vet told us that we could leave and pick him up later because it might take a while. We drove home, all of us worried for Bodee. I was thinking about the time when we were adopting bodee, when my step dad held Bodee up and Bodee peed on him. When we got back to our house all of us were silent, my mom called and informed my step dad on what happened. I sat at the kitchen table next to my mom. “Will Bodee be okay?” I asked. “I don’t know, we'll have to wait for the vet to call us.” she replied. “Do you know when they will call?” I asked. “No, but probably soon.” she
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