Personal Narrative: My Move In The Field

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My favorite season by far would be autumn, winter as a close second. Autumn has always been a season of peaceful business, beautiful colors, and the best flavor ever: pumpkin. With its dying plants that equal gorgeous drives and Halloween where we get free candy and can run around dressed as crazy people without anyone batting an eye. Lots of things happen in autumn, it’s a season of change. I have had a lot of changes throughout the years, one was quite recent actually, I passed my senior moves in the field with a bit of drama. Moves in the Field is a series of test you have to take in figure skating, you start at pre-preliminary and end at senior, so I was almost done with the entire thing. I was incredibly excited at the thought of being done and getting my gold medalist rank. The test was at 9pm, I had an entire day to wait for the test, so by the time I got there my…show more content…
My coach and my friend tried to calm me down, but I had already convinced myself that that one mistake made me fail. My dad came down and hugged me until I started breathing regularly again. Then they told me I passed, and I died on the inside a little bit. I was really embarrassed that my reaction was so extreme and that everyone saw me like that, but I was excited that I’d never have to do it ever again. It was a very bittersweet moment with tears of sadness running down my face and a smile of pure joy on my face. My mom was very confused when we met with her in the lobby, she was watching from the stands and didn’t really know what was happening, so we told her. We took pictures to commemorate the moment, there was lots of hugs and dancing for some reason. Because it was 10pm on a Saturday we weren’t very sure what to do, so we did the thing everyone does, we went and got pizza and milkshakes. It was very weird feeling, but a very interesting story to tell, I wouldn’t give it up for the
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