Personal Narrative: My Moving To Idaho

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I started my life in Idaho right after I had moved from Colorado. I had only moved to Idaho because my family had lived here and my mom didn’t want to be living away from them. In Colorado I had lived with my mom and aunt. It was just us three till we had moved. After our move we lived with my grandma and my two uncles, as my mom being the oldest she had to take care for five people. Me, my aunt, my two uncles and my grandma. After a while my mom had decided to move to Idaho and live on her own with me. After a while me and my mom were living together she had decided to have another kid and that other kid ended up being a boy, and she had him May 12th 2009. At first I was happy but then annoyed because he had all the attention and I was less…show more content…
A couple years later and it was my First Communion it was an ok thing I didn’t really like it because it was in front of people and at that time I was really shy but as time kept going I came out of my shell. After my First Communion my mom, brother and I ended up having a party. It was so much fun my family and I did so much it was fun. Couple years went on and it was 2014 where my mom, aunt, brother, cousin, and I had went to Colorado so I can go see my dad it was a great time and i hadn’t seen him since I was 2. I do miss him but I had found my ways to continue my life without him and as for my 3 half sisters they see him all day. Oh and had i mentioned my oldest sister has about 3 kids now so I had became an aunt around 2010. I never knew about the 3 kids till a couple months ago, and I wasn’t there to for anything so of course I didn’t know…. But now I know. Almost 2 years ago I had met someone and he has been so great to me. We are still together till this day, and I do love him so much he has changed me and made me come out of my shell more and more as time
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