Personal Narrative: My Music Study

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I absolutely love science! In fact, I have accelerated my homeschool studies to finish in half the time so I can start inventing solutions for purifying water, making better flotation vests, and much more. I also love music! I have played piano for ten years and have played with my church band regularly for four years. I have played the keyboard, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and vocals with my church band onstage with different songs every time I get up to play. I have led classes in music by myself and through teams for five years.

After teaching piano for two years, I got into a discussion with my dad about leading a kids music band. He thought it would be a great opportunity to lift my skills, as they say in music, an octave higher. I thought it was a brilliant idea! Promptly, I found nine willing students and taught all of them to play one of the following instruments: drums, keyboard, guitar, vocals, and beatboxing. For many of the kids, it was their first time touching a new instrument. They had to learn their instrument well enough to play onstage. I had to learn how to teach these instruments. On several songs, the kids played a different instrument than they were used to. The kids band
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Even though I had to give up the original kids band I had formed, I jumped at the opportunity! I thought that a school could give more kids a chance to play because many teachers were involved in teaching songs. This time, I was leading a group of piano teachers. Since all of them had never taught music before, I took it upon myself to teach them to teach. I had to learn to communicate effectively to my group of teachers, give my teachers deadlines, and make sure that everyone knows what is happening and why. I also taught myself to be a more friendly person and create an atmosphere of camaraderie and trust at my

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