Personal Narrative: My Name Araceli

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To me, Araceli has been a unique name. as a little girl I always hated it but know, I love it because I found out what it meant. Araceli is a name that only a strong women should have. I learned that my name means “alter of the sky” in Spanish. This is an “epithet of the virgin Mary In role as the patron saint of Lucena, Spain”. My mom went to school with a girl named Araceli she thought it was very unique and my siblings and I all have either a name or a middle name with an A in it she also wanted something Mexican not a white girl name. There’s a Mexican actress with the name Araceli she’s also a top model, but I’m nothing like her. I also have a friend with a name Araceli we have been friends since sixth grade. After learning what my name
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